Jan 29, 2015


The new year is here! I realize I haven't posted since last August. Seems everyone's moved their blogging time to Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. Me too, but. I always like to come back to Blogger. :)

Not too much to say, actually, except 2014 was a rough year, but not terrible. And I have a good feeling about 2015. Lots of things learned, lots more to be learned. I'm always worried about how to "market" myself and find jobs....what to tell people when they ask what I do....what I think I should focus on to get more jobs....stuff like that. Am I making a mistake by avoiding learning motion graphic stuff, am I being too stubborn in not making 2D computer animation, am I being dumb in not making more "rendered" work.
But when the head clears once in a while, I just have stuff I wanna make. And while I need to look for cash monies (lol), it's important that I make things that show my best self. Which comes back to making work that's true to yoself!


I moved to a single apartment in November, so I'm still getting myself together, but there are some things that I've done here and there. The page of doodles are things that I want to work on as soon as I finish painting my apartment! One is a 4-panel piece to put on my closet doors, and another is a small sculpture piece. I always want to do little sculpture pieces but material is so expensive and I think I let my brain get carried away thinking about silicon, molds, and other complicated stuff. But this one I can do with paper, glue, and paint! :D

Hope you have all been well, and a happy new year of the sheep :)