Sep 29, 2010

Morphing Loop

Hi! Another class assignment to share with you. We were to do a morphing loop, 48 pages. Hand-drawn...old-school lightbox and ink. There are still some things left to do, like adding title/credits/fading in blahblah. BUT. Here is the main part of it. This is my first walk cycle! Internet is such a nice resource to have at your fingertips...

Sep 22, 2010


Hi! It has been a while since my last post but I have something new to share, finally.
It's been busybusy, but not that busy because I haven't gotten much work yet.
But this is my first flipbook. We recorded it under camcorders in class. I tried to do too much in too few cards (48) apparently, but I kinda like it. I wish I could slow it down, but I can't do that on this computer, so...
here goes:

Sep 4, 2010

trees in the bathroom

It looks a lot messier up close, LOL. But! took me about...roughly...perhaps...6~7 hours? here and there in the past 3 days. My mom keeps telling me to put in little cute animals and babies, but....I dunno. I don't think I should HAHA.