Nov 14, 2011

i wasn't going to scan this, but 2 people in my drawing class saw it today and gave me a heap of compliments, so with a little courage i'm posting my quick self portrait. i actually did it fairly quickly and without much thought when i was trying ink+brushes out in my sketchbook. it's not perfect or totally proportional or whatever because i wasn't trying to make it perfect. i just wanted to use the ink haha. but i think it looks like me. i think i like ink very much.

Nov 12, 2011


sketchbooking, experimenting with ink, getting away from graphite pencil, because i've just been sticking to pencil and i think it has been limiting me. i'm planning on doing my drawing final project series with ink/ink brush. loves it. well, i haven't done too much with it before, but i really enjoy the fluidity. done with big brush and brush pen (pentel ink brush pen BEAUTIFUL tool). the last two doodle pages were done on Mylar and cut/paste in my sketchbook. i never used Mylar before...interesting. the ink doesn't dry though  T___T
the below image is a little doodle in my sketchbook. if you click on it you can see the whole thing, but it says "Saturday Afternoon, when i'm supposed to be doing work, I watch the emotional finale of a singing competition."

Nov 9, 2011

clay puppet lipsync

I have completed a lipsync project for stopmotion homework! yay~  clay puppet on top of armature mounted on wood base. Here is the link to it on my Vimeo page:

An Interview with Cyclops Bunny

I learned a LOT about planning dialogue and being really organized with the exposure sheets, because it was a small nightmare, at least the way I went about it.
It's weird how important the "acting" in the voice is...the intonations, the actual quality of the voice. Even though I used my own voice, I thought about it objectively and had to be clear about the character. I dreaded the process before going into it, but I actually really enjoyed animating it, even though from setting up to FinalCut Pro compression took me about 10 hours of my time. After it was all over, I finally sat down and realized that my feet were sore from standing, haha.

Nov 6, 2011

just a little update

the above picture i took on my train ride from boston to providence. i really like when the sky turns bright pink.
below are some production shots of my stopmotion partner project

 below is one of the figure drawings i did in my drawing class. we finally started on the figure, after several weeks of perspective drilling. i've got a long way to go, but i am not as confused as i was last year. this year i felt like i could jump right in. i tend to want to "outline" everything, as you can tell, haha. drawing is so basic, so fundamental, and it is probably the hardest thing to do well.