Sep 29, 2011

so! had a few little animations due for homework this week, the topic was "wrong timing." i've learned that i need to start on the homework immediately....and spread over the whole week; not the few days before class. makes for miserable long sleepless nights, haha.  i liked working on these, though. i need to remind myself that i shouldn't be afraid to take risks.


a long ways to go, but not a terrible start i think.

Sep 25, 2011

sketchbooking during art history least favorite class.

Sep 23, 2011

new year, new start


new year, new start
i'm so happy how my schedule worked out...stop motion and regular animation class!! woohoo! i think we (as a department) may just be learning the technical stuff, but what i like about my school is that the teachers encourage exploration and are really against following a particular set of rules for doing anything. it's really important to trust your instincts and stop thinking what you -should- do, which i have trouble with.
because in the end, no one really cares how well you follow the rules, so long as yours work well for you. 
but i'm really excited about making my first works as a real animation student this year

lots of learning.
i started a new sketchbook for my drawing I class. for some reason i really like the square shape. maybe i should just buy square sketchbooks from now haha. something very satisfying about it.

the words i wrote on the page are a little poem i had to write for my french the manner of jacques prévert. it was the shortest in the class (therein lies the difference between eager freshmen and a grades-jaded junior haha), but i did write it with earnest. it's based on a memory i have from when i was 8 and i wore new shoes to school.
it doesn't translate very gracefully, but here is what is basically says:

-a smile on a small face
-in seeing the new shoes on her small feet
-a sneer on a small face nearby
-in seeing the new shoes swinging under the desk
-the swinging stops
-and today the small face
-feels really

i remember begging my mom to buy me these adorable plain white shoes with a little image of pikachu's face on the side (misty may or may not have been on them, too, i forget), and i remember telling myself that it's ok if pokemon was for the uncool kids because pikachu was cute and the picture was so small
i remember sitting at my desk, happy about my shoes but sort of nervous, hoping none of the other girls would really notice, but then someone asked me, "oh are they new shoes?" and bent down to get a better look. she crinkled her nose and said, "oh, you like that?" and sort of just walked away, but i remember feeling really embarrassed, and i don't think i wore those shoes to school again. maybe just at home, haha.

not sure why this particular memory sticks in my head, but i do know that third grade was not a good year for little me HAHA.

little kids are so funny.

not sure why i'm so chatty in this post today, but it may have something to do with the fact that i haven't read all of my required readings for my art history lecture in an hour and they are not the most engaging of reads HAHA. and so, back to reading about indigenous architecture of the americas. d'oh.

Sep 19, 2011

i'm not sure why i just drew this
maybe it's because i've been feeling incompetent in my drawing skills and wanted to prove to myself that i can indeed draw images that look like people

i need to stop generalizing

someone told me that drawing people you know from memory helps.

Sep 15, 2011

"How to Eat Your Apple" by Erick Oh

this 1:30min animated film is absolutely fantastic. just the right amount of cute and disturbing...poetic and absurd...beautiful and bizarre. i watched it 3 times in a row before i paused to think about it.

Sep 8, 2011

I saw a commercial online from Chipotle about sustainable development...farming and all that.
But it's a stopmotion animated film, and even though the subject doesn't sound interesting, the animated film is so well done. I watched the "making of" video on vimeo, and for the 2min or so video, a lot of work went into production. Really cool stuff.  It's called "Back to the Start." I've posted a link for you guys:
Back To The Start