Jan 29, 2011

work in progress. it's a revisit of the charcoal drawing underneath it that i did fall of freshman year. i didn't realize how emo my drawings were then, but looking back on it now, they were SO DEPRESSING hahahaha. guess they were reflective of my state of mind? i'm planning on putting a separate image within the rectangular shapes. i'm thinking really pretty colors, like pinks and peaches.
i really like how the new one's going, but there's something more primal about the original, isn't there? maybe it's the rough edges and the black+white.

the photos below are my first intro photo assignment! the last two are dusty looking bc i didn't wipe off the surface of my scanner first haha. i guess i should scan them again.

Jan 24, 2011

more photo updates, soon.
there are several emails to potential internships sitting in my drafts folder in gmail.
i think i keep reverting back to college application frame of mind and the whole application process is freaking me out.
which is why i've been afraid to apply.
i need to get over myself HAHA.

my self portrait looks better than before, but for some reason, the lips are really obnoxious. i keep erasing and redrawing them.

Jan 18, 2011

I finally got around to making a site on Digication.
It's still being decorated and stuff, but the basic organization is there.


Jan 16, 2011


i have been staring at myself for the past 4 hours. it should not have taken me this long to get the sketch done.
i don't even think this is close to a "done" sketch.
stupid face.

Jan 11, 2011

this is what it looked like outside the night of the "blizzard." it wasn't really a blizzard, but it sure lasted long enough to be called one.

little boy take 2 in progress. i originally made the legs too chunky and too obviously....like i tried to make it realistic. i want it to be non-realistic... i guess u can tell that i'm confused. but he will have clothes soon, now that his body shape is basically done. please crit! i'd like feedback, please.

Jan 10, 2011


i decided to stop freaking out about having basically nothing to show in my portfolio and decided to have fun while i can, instead.

Jan 8, 2011

i went to an open model session today to get some of my homework done.
i love my drawing class! and the people are really nice, too.
hopefully i will get better.