Dec 10, 2010


modern family

i'm putting a plug here for the show Modern Family because it's the best thing ever.

Modern Family song

from this past wednesday's show. click on the highlighted link~

Dec 7, 2010

animation final project

here it is! took me 5-6 days, 2-4 hours each day minus last night....when i spent about 7-9 i think.

it is very simple; only a line animation. i had only a week to do it bc thanksgiving break (no lightbox and no ideas when i was at home HAHA), but i tried very hard to time it well and make something of a 40 second line test. we were allowed to do whatever kind of animation we wanted, but i really wanted to try out the old-school handdrawn animation technique, again (only did it twice this semester).

Dec 4, 2010