Jun 27, 2010

Week 2: Go!

Whoa, already 4 days since my last post. Well!
Thursday was the worst studio experience of my life. It was over 90 degrees outside and I had class all day in the fourth floor of a non-airconditioned building. Charcoal, blind mark-making exercises. I was basically having drawing class in a sauna for the whole day. And anyone who knows me knows that I melt in warm weather. This was over the top hot. Plus the professor is so serious! But it'll get better this week. I think we start drawing models soon.

Friday! was much better! especially because drawing class was only 3 hours for the morning haha. And I also got my new phone! My life feels more secure now HAHAHA.

Saturday! Instead of going on the Newport trip, I stayed behind like most people and worked in the studio for 4-5 hours, but I finished my cardboard sculpture!! I think it looks good...LOL. In the morning, I watched the Korea vs. Uruguay world cup game. Intense. So intense. But well played.
At night there was a water fire along on the canal! It's where fire is lit on metal baskets all along the canal that goes through the city. There are a lot of tents set up along the streets with food. Music is blasted through speakers. I heard some opera, some folk, and some Indian music! This isn't my picture but it's exactly what I saw. It's really funny because there are gondolas that go through HAHA. Some little boats have couples on them and everyone on the sides yell, "KISS KISS KISS!" and then they oblige us all. Jess and I came back and watched We Got Married with the new Nichkhun+Victoria couple. My brain exploded from the adoreableness. Gosh. I also worked on my design gouache perspective painting. It's so boring...but I couldn't really make up what I was seeing in the perspective HAHA. Saturday was also the move-in day for Precollege kids. High school students come and stay a month and take classes for a specific major at RISD. Maybe it's because there are hundreds of them, but they sure are annoying. They also look so old!! The girls, at least. I look younger than some of them haha. The summer session and transfer students were amazed. I don't recall high school students looking so old before....interesting.

That brings us to today! Sunday! I slept in. Yayy. The masses of precollege kids in the dining hall now is not fun, but I had a good lunch (the food even is better with the arrival of precollege) and stuffed myself with watermelon. Then I worked on my painting, and I think I'm finished for now. And then I went to Thayer street and got....(with Jess)....FROYO!!! It was AMAZING. I got mango and strawberry toppings hehe. Then I went to 15 West to Jess's apartment over the Library and got to experience air conditioning. But her internet was not so good.....so here I am. Back in a hot old building. Tomorrow begins Week 2 of classes. It's so weird that I only see my professors about 12 times this summer.

Everyone is spazzing about hwk.....I wonder if I'm not doing enough work or I'm focused on working super fast. HAHA.

Jun 23, 2010

Third Day of Classes: Spacial Dynamics

Today was a full day of Spacial Dynamics class! aka 3d design class. We spent an hour and a half scrutinizing and critiquing...............rocks. Yes, rocks. As if they were sculptures. It was really funny. Then we critiqued our sculptures of the rocks. We were like, "but this indentation in the rock feels more organic than the sculpture," "these ridge is very spinelike and" blahblah. So funny.
AND THEN!!! new assignment!! It's really cool. I really wish my camera hadn't broke so I could upload pictures. Grr. But, it is to make a cardboard sculpture of our faces coming out the wall using only 3 specific shapes. So I'm using a triangle, a rectangle, and a "C" shape. I got a lot done, so I didn't stay after class. The examples my professor showed us were so amazing.

It was close to 90 degrees today. Just walking outside was a disgusting, sweaty, experience.

I also got my things back from my previous applications. They even had my application drawings from 2 years ago!! I was surprised. They are dated December 2008. Haha. The guy handing me back stuff was like, why do you have so many drawings? Lol.

Tomorrow I start Drawing class! But until then, Trolley tour tonight.
Tomorrow........is also supposed to be insufferably hot. Great.

Jun 21, 2010

First Day of Classes

Hmm, so my design professor is one of the chillest instructors I've ever had. Basically, if you try hard and come to class, you get an A.
But after one class, we have already learned so much. At least, I have.
I am getting used to Providence! Strange streets, but very doable. I hate these hills LOL.
A little tired...but I'm so happy that I have been able to attend here, now.
My phone was killed...by apple juice. So I have been phoneless, recently. It's sad how devastated I was. HAHA. Nowadays however, a cell phone really is necessary.
Gouache is very interesting. I shall try my best tomorrow, too.
Tomorrow I have half a day of design class, and half a day of 3D design class. Cheers~

Jun 18, 2010


Alas, no pictures today! I probably could have taken a million because we walked a little bit around Providence again, but let me tell you; these hills ain't joking. I think I exercised more today than I have the entire year. My legs.................ouch. Too busy trying to make it to the top of hills to care about taking pictures HAHA.
Lots of touring the campus buildings. Naturally, I have absolutely no idea how to get to them again. But that's okay. I met some people today. I can't believe it's only the second day!! I also can't believe some people went out clubbing already....I think they must not need sleep, because even I slept before 2-3. I slept at 10:30 last night. I can't even remember the last time I slept before 2-3. Wow. The people in this city are so chill. So strange. But nice ^.^
A lot of people here are old. Some in their mid-twenties to come back at sophomores to do art. Some grad students who never took enough fine arts courses. Some students like me with one year of college experience. Some have completed two years. Some worked first then came back a few years later to do what they always wanted to do. Some finished a degree already but want to come to art school. Dang.
Today I and two other f/a/v transfer students met with the department head of f/a/v to get a tour and have a little chat about the department. Yes, I was very intimidated. So much crazy equipment...all this crazy language...a whole building dedicated to the dept...they have off the heezy computer software...blahblah...I have to learn how to use Maya?!!! WHAT THE HELL. But everyone here says don't worry about it. I will learn, and I'm not dumb. But the more I hear about stuff, the more I realize I think I made the right choice in film/animation/video. It's like the next level up from Illustration. I think Grad school is a good idea, too, but that may not come for a while. Haha, I may even end up doing painting at grad school. HAHAHAHA. But I have to learn to be well versed in like 5 new software thingies. I'm not even that good with Photoshop.

Next topic:
I just saw Toy Story 3. It's brilliant. It's amazing. It's not a kid's movie. It's for all the people who ever loved Woody or Buzz. It was dramatic. It was scary. It was very sad. It was so funny! It was exciting. It was very dark, lots of death related thematic elements. OMG THERE WAS A STUFFED TOTORO. AAHHHHH. The acting/voicing/animation was incredible!! My OL cried HAHAHA. He's in my department, too. It also appears as though those pixar people did so much research on prison-break films. Crazy crazy. The script writer is wonderful. Oh my gosh. I might go as far to say that this may be pixar's best film.

It looks like a relatively early night again. My legs are tired. My brain is tired. Information overload. Emotion overload with Toy Story 3 HAHA.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a less jam packed day. Although, tomorrow is the official Providence tour.

Jun 17, 2010

Orientation Day 1

Before I say anything else: TOY STORY 3 OPENS TOMORROW IN THEATERS. AAAHHH!!!!
Moving on.
First day of orientation for transfers! We walked around the city; today was Gallery day, where the galleries in the area open their doors to the public for free. This one that makes giant monsters for parades and shows is owned by a RISD alum. It's called Big Nazo (i think).

This is the view from my room on Congdon st.

Big room!! We got lucky; we have a corner room with three big windows where we get a breeze, too.
It's only 9:20 but I'm so tired already. Lots of walking and shaking hands and trying to remember names. Tomorrow we officially start stuffs. Like lectures, info, blahblah. Providence is so tiny but so cute and clean. I don't know the streets well yet but I think I will be able to know it soon. Nice, comfortable places to eat, too. I hope we won't be so swamped with work starting next week that we don't have time to explore...they told us that work is important, but it's a mistake to only focus on work.
Agreed! Although I won't take it to heart as much as these two girls who were already bragging about having downed a bottle of wine. LOL.

Jun 15, 2010

Adventure time.

Hello! It's been 2 weeks. News! Starting from Thursday, I shall be using my blog to let you guys know what I'm doing at RISD's summer session for transfers. I cannot say how excited I am, especially after looking at the materials list! I wonder what I'll need a handsaw for. and glue gun! Fun stuff. It is also the first time I can do art things without worrying about other projects, papers, readings, blahblah, so it's time for go go go!!
I have a feeling that I'm going to get pwned there......but I'm just as excited to learn from the geniuses and see what others do. If I suck, that's okay. I'll learn, which is the point. I also have learned a lot from my freshman year....and I don't think I am as incompetent as before.
Apparently it's no less vigorous than the regular freshman foundation experience (harsh), but I'm ready. I don't care about losing sleep. This is going to be an insane 6 weeks.
I'm also excited about the 4 day orientation. I need to find people to watch Toy Story 3 with, which comes out in 3 days. YES! great time to be alive right now.
I painted a small painting of a Yogorino small vanilla froyo with pistacchio syrup. It's one of my dad's "few joys in life," and since I won't be home for father's day, I thought he'd like that. HAHA. Sad, ain't it? But to each his own......I suppose......
So my new adventure begins in a few short days. I'll be sure to update, and I'll try to take pictures. Here I go!