Aug 29, 2011

a quick acrylic painting i did for my friend's new apartment. click to see bigger.

Aug 26, 2011

i must be an art student

-when i was at the beach-

i had my sketchbook out, but i was in front of most people so i didn't have good sketching subjects
but then i saw him.


the first thing that came to my mind...



i must be an art student.
my 2 friends and i started posting up photos on our daily photoblog again. i just uploaded a shot i took in chinatown of little twin girls in matching outfits, haha. go see!

Aug 25, 2011

Aug 22, 2011

saw this woman at whole foods the other day

i need to stop chickening out of drawing men. they just never look right.

Aug 21, 2011

the first one is an idea i have for a quick painting i've promised my friend for her new apartment. i don't know what it is about the little midget hooded things, but i like them very much. i feel like everyone should have one...something that follows you around like a pet.
the second is just.....i needed to get something out of my system to make me feel like i'm not being a complete loser bum. it's not a far exaggeration of what i look like in the morning hahaha.
i need to practice drawing peoplepeople, lots of people. and stop drawing myself just to make myself feel better HAHAHA.

school begins in a few weeks. not yet! my schedule is still so up in the air, and i won't be at peace with myself until it's all settled, but i still know it'll be ok.

Aug 3, 2011

i tried drawing a guy blowing bubbles, but i can't draw men without them looking mad awkward. and i have trouble enough with non-huge hands. so after a few tries, i thought it would be better drawing in my sketchbook, but it wasn't.
i need to observe more guys.
coughcoughcough. (kind of hard to do, considering how few there are at school, hahaha)
i drew myself chomping on edamame instead.
i wonder if i should start drawing myself as my proper age...20...instead of like...12 HAHA.

Aug 2, 2011

last summer homework

from the korean folktale "shim chung" or "the blindman's daughter"
pastels! why yes, i did have trouble with the dragon smoke. i fought with the white pastel enough...letting it go for now, haha.
8x10 and 16x10in.
now that class is over, i hope i will just.....draw people a lot. i'm only just getting less afraid of drawing people HAHA. excited to go home to uber suburban philly in just 3 days!
i never really used pastels for big stuff before, but i really like it. it's sort of like painting. you smudge the color around haha.
i hope the girl's (shim chung) face doesn't look too awkward.