Aug 22, 2013

an update

website resdesign, woo!!! i've been working on it pretty diligently for a little over a week. the address is the same, but instead of using a blogger template, i'm using to help me build all the things.
i'm hoping that i can publish it by saturday! all that's left is making the drawings for navigation icons, haha.
i'm really excited, i've put a lot of thought into it. my skills are pretty limited, but luckily there was a super clean template on weebly that gives me just enough flexibility to get creative with the organization.
i find that my best work comes from problem solving within strict limitations. *sigh* haha.
anyways! here is an image preview; i will post when the new site design is published. slightly worried about redirecting the domain name thingy (i always get flustered when i'm dealing with this kind of stuff HAHA), but weebly is so helpful and user friendly, i think i will be okay ^^

also, here are some drawings i've cleaned up to put on my website. you'll recognize the yellow monster. i've sort of grown attached to him after two years, haha. 

Aug 13, 2013

finished this in photoshop. the original sketch for it is in the previous post. i've liked fauns since i was little, probably when i first watched fantasia as a tiny child, lol. harpies, centaurs, fairies, etc.
i guess i should try to put in a background? nothing crazy, just a nice suggestion of trees/woods.
i hope i don't ruin it, lol. i'm not very good at backgrounds, but it does look a bit empty.

i'm thinking about how i first used photoshop 3 years ago as i began sophomore year. and oh GOD it was so terrible HAHA. 
a photo post to follow soon.

Aug 11, 2013

3 months after graduation

ah. it has been nearly 2 months ^^
have been doing a freelance job that ends this week.
in september i am taking a month trip overseas, and in october i'm going to do my best to find an apartment in new york..somewhere..haha.
i've been really confused about how i should "market" myself.
i have trouble trying to call myself one specific thing, like "illustrator," or "animator," etc. etc. because i don't think i'm any of those.
i'm probably a bit scared, because i'm not quite good at anything yet, and in the industry, they say you get your foot in the door by doing one thing really well. a technical skill.
honestly, more and more i think i'm not an animator. i love and appreciate the medium so much, but actually doing it is a little bit like torture. is it because my technical skills are too lacking? or am i genuinely not interested in animating in and of itself?
i do love most the design and development part of production.

so while i flounder around hopelessly, i've been developing a story. it's been fun just drawing, like when i was little. the ideas have been floating in my mind since may.

more to come. i don't know in what way this story should be executed. but if there's anything i learned from school, it's that every time i think i "should" do something a certain way, it always fails. some things are their own thing, have their own innate way of expression.

i guess it's my job to try and let that happen without letting my own brain get in the way.