Jan 30, 2012

trying really hard to finish this, but the going is slow.
i am learning a lot, though! i've never gone all the way to color and background, so even though the whole thing will be around 11 seconds, i'm really happy i've been working on it. i cannot believe people used to color and ink everything by hand. the amount of time and skill it had to take....shudder.
i had originally meant for it to go in my reel...but i'm not sure if it'll hold up well. i'm just trying to finish and enjoy now. either way it was time well spent.

in progress work.

Jan 27, 2012

just having some fun. fun is good. sometimes i forget. 
now that i'm more comfortable animating, i need to remember what kinds of things i really like. no reason i need to forget. if i have to limit myself to what's easier to animate, i've defeated myself before i've even begun. 

tonight i must ink all of my pencil tests! it's only 10 seconds, but i'm a day behind. must not fall behind!

Jan 23, 2012

bird pencil test

i'm going to fix the ending tomorrow. his flying away part is a bit too fast.

Jan 18, 2012

i quickly sketched "La Liseuse" at the RISD Museum for an assignment. we had to choose a work of art that we felt drawn to, and curiously enough, i didn't feel drawn to any of the paintings. i saw this little sculpture and i think it reminded me of how wonderful it is to just relax and enjoy a good book. i'm going to an open model studio this weekend to practice figure drawing. coughcough.

this next one is a quick doodle of an old man and who i presume to be his grandson, who i was walking behind a few days ago.

Jan 17, 2012

little test

haven't done traditional animation in a while, so it took me some time to get used to it. i also haven't done 12fps in a while, so....i kept having to take out and take out haha. but i must embrace the process! i only have a few more days to spend on this animation, because next week must be stopmotion practice, but the purpose of this animation is to try something new, so i'm happy. hopefully tomorrow i can ink this little thing. i'm also going to animate a little bird.
i'm not sure how i can make it look better...i'm very apprehensive about landscapes lol. although, my goal was not to make it very detailed or realistic. what do you guys think i can do to make it look...less...confused and lost hahaha.

i had really wanted to be animating by now, but i think tonight i will actually be able to haul my stuff over to the studio. hooray!

Jan 11, 2012

 i had been avoiding drawing people recently, probably out of fear. but no more time to make excuses, unfortunately. cracked open the sketchbook, floundered around a bit, but slowly reacquainting myself with study of form. i just went back to carter goodrich's site (his character design is amazing, but he's just an amazing illustrator in general). his work has such confidence.

when drawing people, as opposed to animals or monsters, i have this apprehension that i need to make everything proportional and perfect (not that i can that well either haha). but i need to remember that part of the fun is to make the proportions/forms up. have some fun?

as for my work so far, i'm trying to come up with an idea to make a pencil animation loop colored with a bit of pastel.
starting tomorrow i'll be doing some puppet animation acting practice, maybe reactions, or different interactions between my old puppets, since i don't have access to materials now.

i think i will be starting with a short lipsync tomorrow.

Jan 7, 2012


Just a quick update! So a few weeks ago I posted a link to my animation finals on Vimeo. This week I worked on re-compositing my intro stopmotion final, because I had had trouble with the exporting...and all that technical stuff I'm terrible at. But after a lot of trial-and-error moments, I've managed to do it correctly, (finally!) so the image is what I originally intended it to be. Also small changes to the titles/credits.
Any feedback appreciated! Here is the link:
House Key (updated version)

I haven't posted anything in the past 10 or so days, but meanwhile I've started Wintersession at RISD after a short 2 week break. I'm only taking one art history class this 6 week semester, but I've been working on internship researching (gotta get a good one this summer!), redoing some old stuff, and my friend got my a website, holla~
I'm planning on starting to put my first -real- demo reel next week! Wootwoot!

Random note: where's my snow at?? it was 60 degrees today. weird.