Aug 25, 2012

Aug 20, 2012

i have to practice life much HAHA. 
but you know, i kind of like that my department doesn't require life 
drawing or character animation or storyboarding.
because that direction is only one possibility of animation. animation does not belong to one group of people to be defined. it is one art form.

it's hard to find your own style....requires a lot of confidence and tenacity.
but we can do it ^^

came back home from LA on sunday! 
learned many things, and i'm really excited to start working on my senior film.

Aug 5, 2012

not sure where this will go, but i just spent an hour or so playing with this in photoshop. i guess tomorrow it may end up looking completely different! i started with a bright red background.

wish i had real paints with me here ^^

painting is one of the few things i can do digitally for honest fun. drawing/animating is more difficult/frustrating for me. prefer paper and pencil.

Aug 4, 2012

sketch dump

had a mini doodling breakthrough this week. i get caught up in expectations easily, and there are so many great artists who upload their gorgeous doodles/drawings/sketches that it's hard not to feel as if their styles are what i should be emulating.

plus, you know. heading into senior year of undergrad, who doesn't feel the pressure.

but the best results only come from really honest joy and exploration of art-making. my goal is not to be the next greatest animator, etc.etc. but the best artist i can be. so i honestly don't know what i want to be when i "grow up" after graduation. and i feel better about that than feeling pigeon-holed before i even get out there.

maybe in a year i will feel very differently.

if any professionals ever see this, thanks for posting your work. i look forward to your posts every day. thank goodness for blogger, hehe.