Mar 28, 2013

been in the studio several hours a day during this spring break. funfun. not really LOL.

it's really hard being brave

quick thingy of bertie in photoshop before heading out for the day.

Mar 19, 2013

hi everybody, been a really long time since i last updated. i've blocked myself off of Tumblr starting today, so i won't be updating that either, haha. this film is really draining. mostly it's just trying to muster enough motivation/focus to get you through the day. today i learned a huge lesson about what not to do in green screening, and i sort of panicked, but first i'm going to sleep lol.

i wanted to share these little photos. my painting class assignment is to upload whatever you want to a japanese mobile photo app called "Pick," and it's like Instagram on steroids. the filters/stamp options are really fun, and you can really do a lot.

so here are some i've made. i really enjoy making them, it's quick, and it's a nice distraction from my film. (sh). i find organizing visual elements really fun to do, like putting an outfit together, coordinating a visual space, etc.

all taken on my iPhone, and manipulated in the app, "Pick."