Sep 30, 2012

senior film and Ottawa

some updates! (It's been a while)

first! my classmates and I attended the Ottawa International Animation Festival. SUPER FUN. amazing films, amazing artists, amazing people. my favorite? "I am Tom Moody," by Ainslie Henderson, hands down.

second! it is now go-time for my senior film, and it's been crazy and stressful trying to narrow down my idea, deciding how to go about producing the damn thing. i'm going to try to get a kickstarter going, because materials and general cost will be very expensive. i'm worried about a camera, too, because my department's resources are not enough for the amount of students who need to use them.
i'd like to order parts to put together a ball and socket armature for my puppet, but I suspect it'll cost me around $200.
any opinions/advice about kickstarter or indiegogo? ideally a $1000 goal would be great.

my classmates and i had to do an assignment called animation-a-day for 5 days before our trip to Ottawa. here are a couple:

Black from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

Bolt from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

Trio from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

Sep 10, 2012


and, just took this of providence a few hours ago.

trying not to get bummed about my drawing skills, haha. i can only keep trying, right?
the school year is about to start, my last year in college! OH MYYYY.