Feb 22, 2013

ok, ok. i still haven't put up an update on my film, mostly because i'm busy, and also because i've been posting small updates on my art tumblr. (floatingdoor.tumblr.com)  hoping to get to it on the weekend, because a lot has been going on. as least i feel like a lot has been going on HAHA. ...sigh...

BUT i've been doing small doodles and stuff, and since there aren't that many, i'll post them here ^^ also some snapshots of bertie and old bertie in the meanwhile.

yes, i reread "where the wild things are" recently. haha.

been using pastels a lot recently

my ink brush pen was drying out...

and then i bought another cartridge~

bertie 1.0 versus bertie 2.0

i have to say, the ball and socket armature is really nice to work with. especially the arm movements.
i guess i'd say the same for the legs, but his legs are so short on top of needing to have stiffer joints on the bottom, so. 

Feb 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I have a lot to update about my film, but today is Valentine's Day, so here is just a doodle. Everyone, eat lots of chocolate!