Oct 22, 2010

work and play

I used Adobe Illustrator today for the first time. It's awesome!! It makes everything so pretty. At work, I was supposed to take an image from another student to put on businesscard-like labels, but it was boring, so I made another one for the boss lady. HAHAHA. It's not much to look at, but hey, the other one was a penciled-in black and white drawing with bad font. I wish I could have made the building fill the page a little more, but what could I do? The door really is black HAHA.

In Intro Video yesterday, we had an intense studio learning about lighting. That stuff is hard. But we always end early, and so the guys played ping pong after class. The ping pong table was already out because my teacher used it to show us how light would it and blahblah.

Oct 19, 2010

cutouts with pancakes on the side

My most recent animation homework has been to work on a short cut out animation. Here's how it's looking so far.
(Putting in joints were incredibly time-consuming. I spent about 5 hours doing them for both figures.)

I'll be adding dialogue to them in class tomorrow. So much more to do tonight....the background, the title and credits, the moving facial features, the required storyboard....why didn't I start this sooner? Let's just say I don't like Art History.

I recently made chocolate chip pancakes! No pancake mix involved. Twas delicious.

Oct 10, 2010

one month

me at work! not doing...work...^.^

the view down westminster street

So it has been one month since I've been at my new school. I wasn't sure what the fall would be like, since summer was so fun, but I'm glad to say that it's been great. I wish I could meet more people in studio, but the nature of the assignments of my 2 studios are more like individual projects, so...I'll have to wait until next semester I suppose.
Roommates are great! funny seniors, the two of them.
Classes are great! but my hunch about art history is correct. It's boring as hell, and I don't like being told what to write about. But it's a necessary pain.
I have a lot of free time since it's the first semester of sophomore year in my particular department, so I've been trying to keep busy.
Today I visited my friend at her amazing apartment closer to downtown, tried some yoga with my roommate, and finished all of my work!
Not looking forward to another paper due this Friday, but my attitude towards grades is way more relaxed than...previous...times...HAHAHA. I don't really I'll do poorly in any class, and even if I don't get super stellar grades...well I know I'm not going to be a art historian. Check.
Looking forward to the next few years. I can't believe I'll be attending internship fairs only next year. whoo.
I am learning in the proper way, productive way, stimulating way, and it feels good.

Oct 7, 2010


The photoblog which I am a part of was featured on coolphotoblogs.com! Apparently we are notable newcomers!
Thanks to Karl, likkimun.com was one of the few chosen to be featured among hundreds of applicants this week.

Not that it changes my life significantly, but pretty neat.
Here's the link:


Go see!

Oct 2, 2010


I am participating in a photoblog with two of my friends from back home! One of them was able to whip up a website real quick in a week, and it looks amazing!
The idea is that all three of us upload a photo that we take each day. So, 3 photos on the website per day.
2 locations: Philly, and Providence.

Take a look: www.likimmun.com