Feb 26, 2011

click bottom right hand corner to enlarge. the quality isn't terrible.

my assignment for digital foundations was to create a map of photoshop. i figured it was extremely open ended because an example of previous work was a song and puppet performance.. so i chose to do an animation HAHAHA.
it actually took me a while...a few hours every night since tuesday, and i spent like 7-8 hours on it today. for some reason, i sat in my desk chair for about 12 hours, and somehow my butt's ok.
i don't know, i guess i was in the mood. i'm really bad at multitasking, so if i choose to do one thing, i'm very thorough.
if i make changes to this, it'll be after monday, perhaps for work sample use. but i think this is fine for class.
i hear most people hand in crap for this assignment, anyway, bc the teacher doesn't really care HAHAHA.

Feb 22, 2011

here are my portrait and landscape assignments from photo during wintersession. they aren't amazing, but they were fun to do and i don't think they're boring.
i had some trouble with exposure...which meant i had trouble with printing...esp for the portraits, but they are what they are.

anyways, start of the spring semester! i'm very excited. i like my classes already!
my first digital foundations assignment is to make a map of photoshop. basically we can do anything we want as long as we can make a connection to photoshop, from what i understand, because people have made songs in the past HAHA. here is the beginning of mine:

i don't really know how to use Adobe Flash so i was having a war with it for about an hour and a half before i got comfortable. but the more i use it, the more i like it. it can do...everything...
the little character is going to check out the paintbucket and wonder why it's not spilling over, and then when it kicks it, the whole screen will go black.
i dunno. photoshop still confuses me. HAHA.
didn't want to do a drawing bc most people will do that...so i thought i'd animate something. bc i like doing that...

Feb 3, 2011

some sketchbook stuff. been really busy because of random things, but mostly because wintersession is coming to an end. already??