Dec 24, 2011

something i tried in photoshop. and another doodle of myself.  i'm feeling sick, but i hope everyone has a merry christmas eve~

Dec 20, 2011

some photos

here are a few more photos from when i was shooting "House Key," and then the last few are some photos i took with my point and shoot on the train ride back home. if you live on the east coast and need to travel a bit north or south, the view in the morning is beautiful. i take the amtrak from providence to philly early in the morning for school breaks, and there is a beautiful fog on the marshy areas around connecticut.

(below) when the area starts to look like this, i know i'm getting closer to philly, lol

Dec 18, 2011

semester final projects

i could talk a lot about what the process was for each project, but there is a long story to both, so i'm just going to say that a lot of time and effort went into the making of each one, and i hope you enjoy them. the flash-animated one in particular was difficult process, even though the result ended up being a very short and simple piece.  i have put links to both here, which are on my vimeo page.

House Key (stop motion short)

When I Used Scissors (2D animation in Flash)

i have in my plans to re-export House Key and try to figure out how to make the color more vibrant...and i will be adding a teeny bit more animation to the ending of When I Used Scissors, at the suggestion of my classmates in final crit.
(some more "production" photos coming soon...i have to upload them to my laptop)

Dec 10, 2011

this must be in production! :)

copper wire hands! covered in sports tape, dipped in latex

there is a huge ball of aluminum foil inside, but i sculpted the outside from super sculpey~
aluminum wire+propoxy+brass tube armature
pieces of felt/other cheap fabric sewn on to the foam body, one by one
set building time!! didn't expect to need another board, but i ended up using two
the house! it's just cardboard and chipboard, but i covered it with this fibrous paper i found at the risd store. it was 6 bucks a sheet, so i could only buy one, and the back is not covered. luckily i won't be shooting the back ^^ my teacher had some little trees she had used in her own work before, so they are screwed down to the wood board.
this isn't the final look, i'm going to make the background a brown paper with watercolor texture to make everything monotone, but i did some lighting tests last night and it took forever, but i think it'll look good! :D i still have to make her little purse and grocery bag. i will be shooting half of sunday, all of monday, and editing/soundwork tuesday probably through wednesday morning, to be screened around 11:30am
she's cute, isn't she? ^^ i didn't have time to do animation tests, also because we have to share stations with another student (my partner is shooting today and half of tomorrow)