Jun 26, 2011

first attempt at color studies
with chalk pastel on 6x8in. grey paper.......of the film "in the mood for love" (2005) by wong kar-wai, one of my most favorite directors EVARRrrr (he directed chungking express. holla~)
3rd time watching this film. actors so good (maggie cheung and tony leung)

maggie cheung is one of the director's favorites. she was also in his film "days of being wild" from the early 90s.

the second image is a bit too light/yellow because i took a quick photo of it instead of scanning it, but i didn't have acetate to cover it and i didn't want to get pastel powder on my scanner otherwise. lol.
i could have corrected it in photoshop i guess but uh...*coughcough*toolazy*coughcough*

oh, i forgot to mention. maggie cheung's dresses in "in the mood for love" are GORGEOUS
i watched seven samurai directed by akira kurosawa

gooood stuuuuffff. the criterion collection DVD version....the film looks stunning.
the actor that plays kukichiyo-"sama" is amazing.
FOR SHAME, HOLLYWOOD. not that i could do any better, haha.

Jun 22, 2011

moar practice. my attempt at buildings and hands makes me sad, HAHA. oh dear.

oh! this is the slice of red velvet cake my internship boss lady got for us today (someone's birthday is coming up). I LOVE RED VELVET. behind it you can see my work station.

and this is thomas, who tried to catch a fly. (at a friend's apartment)

Jun 20, 2011

i am not very good at background work....people say that the background should be an automatic part of the characters you draw, but i like drawing characters, then my brain clicks off and i'm not so sure where the characters are.
i think i like it without line better. grr.
sigh. moar practice. more practice, more results?
part of the problem is that i have little traditional practice. guess i need to use the watercolors/pastels. eep.

Jun 19, 2011

happy father's day

my dad can often be found like this in the sunroom on weekend afternoons.

Jun 16, 2011

sketch dump


the photo below is obviously not from my sketchbook, but i did take it when i was sketching this afternoon. there's a bug in the middle of the photo if you didn't notice at first. he had a cool orange design on his back hahaha. thanks mr. bug.

i don't know how to draw men. moar practice.

Jun 15, 2011

i usually just post my sketches and practicing (and homework), but today, my friends, i make an exception.

i don't know how to express in words how much i love this man's work


i had seen a painting of his before, but i didn't know who the artist was then, and then i stopped by symposium bookstore downtown this afternoon and a book about his work was sitting on the clearance table, so i immediately bought it for $10. (good thing, too, bc it's $20 at the discounted price on amazon.com)

ok....this is gonna sound MAD CHEESY, but if my soul could paint, it would look like his work.

i'm still floundering around about my work; too much brain, too much fear.

and so, ana goes back to practicing.

Jun 4, 2011

i watched tekkonkinkreet recently. and i loved it. the people that worked on it ....amazing.
so i guess these doodles are inspired by that movie. i need to practice drawing grownups. maybe i don't identify enough with them haha.