Jul 26, 2011

and heer iz sum moar hoamwerk. mm, first one is 11x8.5 in, and the small spot illustrations each fit in a 4x6 box. my teacher told me that the girl's face is real iffy, HAHA, truth. and i should make the stuffed animals in the background more background-y so the dragon's face doesn't get lost.
pastels! slowly learning how to use them. i wish i could see someone really comfortable with them in action. i could use some help, huhu. though i've been learning that there is no right or wrong, in terms of materials use. there is only good or bad result hahaha, because if it comes out well, who cares? not i~

the dragon is supposed to be going back into the book. doesn't come across very well, does it? in my defense, it was the last thing i did as quickly as possible because it was about 6am and i really wanted to sleep a bit before class.
of course the fuss ended up being all for nought because i missed the alarm and slept through class.
it was a wonderful sleep. hehe.
i looked at the "art of monsters., inc." for pastel help. beautiful visdev stuff...ah.
perhaps i shall be friends with pastels, soon.
i did these sketches while waiting in the terribly long line at the met museum in new york to see the alexander mcqueen exhibit. i was blown away, but my feet and legs were throbbing at the end of the day, haha. his work was like......amazing sculptures...so romantically..tragically..beautiful.
anyways. i think if i practice some more, having to draw people will not make me anxious, haha. it's getting easier. progress! hooray?

Jul 18, 2011

another homework (pastels and collage) and some figure stuff (a child model came to our class today. pink from head to toe haha). i think i like how this homework turned out :) it was really fun to work on.

(yes...her legs are too long)

i ripped apart a whole foods brown bag. and glued. and used pastels! <3

(the colors aren't quite as dull in real life. i think firefox doesn't know i made changes to the original images...i always get confused about that, haha)

Jul 12, 2011

okiedokie! so here it is...a post about the work i've been doing for my children's book illustration class. 2 completed assignments, and i'm starting a collage double spread due next week.

the one below was my first one. thanks bill watterson for helping me do the trees. bow down to calvin and hobbes. the only thing i ended up liking about my hwk is the branches -___- but it was my first large watercolor thingy, and....i shall learn from it and move along. (the assignment was to do a double page spread incorporating 2 different poems)
the next one had to be a "square up" (basically have some page border) of a very short folk tale. mine was called "fox and the crow"...apparently a middle eastern story. hence the sandy mountains and date palm. and the cute ruppell's fox! i struggled with the shadows a lot. eep. oh, also had to be in watercolor.

the stuff below are just things i played with during class today. i didnt want to start working on the final work in class because i wasn't sure how i wanted to complete it. (COLLAGE WOOHOO). next assignment is to do a double page spread of a scene from a 12 page children's storybook. the one i got is about a girl and her shadow...so the final piece will from one of the scenes in the little storyboard i set up.
(she shall have red suspenders and little blue shorts! ^^)

for some reason i glued the little scraps on a ripped-off handle from a Whole Foods bag. they're pretty small so i guess i just wanted to keep them all together.
oh pastels <3
obviously i'm a little conflicted on deciding the style, but it was fun to just paste and put down color.
advice on the watercolor pieces, please?

Jul 8, 2011

bunch of random things today. some scans from my sketchbook, i redid the crazy hair kid (scanned then colored in PS), and the story about the fat fluffy thing i did with ink brush pen but i rearranged and cleaned up in PS. click to see images full size...or super big size (didn't really pay attention to that when i was saving and stuff. hurhur)

Jul 7, 2011

today i saw a high school kid with MASSIVE blonde hair. the scary part is that the hair in my doodle isn't much of an exaggeration. it was like this huge blonde fluffy thing was sitting on his head LOL.

Jul 1, 2011

i think i'm going to study "Spirited Away" next. my vocabulary is small not because i haven't seen many things, but because i never bothered to really pay attention and explore. i just enjoyed and that was that.

i need to watch many more things, though, too.

i need to get my hands on a copy of "Totoro," too. there's a great dvd set at home, but it's not playable in US area region...or something. stupid business companies.

i've been working on a little comic-style story thingy. hopefully i can ink it out, soon~