Mar 28, 2011

sketchbook scans
wow, the color looks faded on the internet...
ive been having trouble color correcting this thing in photoshop. i want to just color in the white highlights....

Mar 24, 2011

work in progress. i have no idea what to do in the background, though. they say that there are people who love backgrounds, and those who love subjects. i am most def of the latter group.
those who are good at both.....are really good. HAHA. cheers.

Mar 23, 2011

this week's assignment was to create two characters: one must be unappealing but with warm colors, the other appealing but with cool colors. some sketches for brainstorming, and then the last two are what i'm putting up for crit tomorrow.
the one below is what usually goes in my sketchbook...that no one sees hahaha. i like long necks, i discovered in painting last year.

hm. i have been told to work on the wings. guess they look too happy.

after like 3 more tries, and some feedback from mi amigos, this is what i ended up with. i have no idea what i think about it anymore. ive been seeing orange for too long. we'll see how it goes tomorrow. i feel like it's a technical mess, but at this point, as long as it gets the point across....yikes.
maybe it's bc i dont have a good relationship with the color orange. it makes me feel uncomfortable. HAHAHA.

next day~
he said to shorten the neck and legs on the blue one, and to be careful with teeth and placement.
he didnt really like the orange thing because it's too much like a thing made of separate parts, instead of a thing with its own parts, hahaha.
we learned about Eiko today, who basically can do everything, and though she's old, she's still going strong, and is still amazing.
she does sculptures, costume design for film, theater, shows, graphic design, set design, she designed the rockets' jerseys and some other basketball team, she makes books by hand, she does amazing photography, cirque du soleil, some fashion things, blahblahblah.
basically she's what every artist aspires to be.

Mar 21, 2011

Mar 16, 2011

character design, assignment 3

this week's assignment for character design was to create one character who is made only of curves, is symmetrical, and is unappealing (design-wise). the other character has to be made only of straight lines, be asymmetrical, but be appealing (design-wise).
usually i hate when an assignment has a lot of rules, but i think i did better this week bc i was so lost in terms of style. having these restrictions helps me focus on form and aesthetics.

here are the two that i am showing in crit tomorrow.

Mar 12, 2011

it was a relaxing day, so my brain sort of wandered, and here are the results. it only occurred to me recently how much more fun my old sketchbooks were than my sketchbook now, like old sketchbooks as in elementary school through middle school.
so back to sketchbooking.
i also think it's funny that i used to draw characters all the time when i was little, and now that i have to do it for class, it's ten times harder hahaha. i suppose because when you're little, you don't need anyone else's approval.
anyways, photoshop and i are getting along fine.

Mar 9, 2011

these first three images are my photoshopped images for digital foundations homework.

this one i found three photos of elephants on google and put them on a random photo. some photoshopping, and tada.

this lion has reese witherspoon's facial features plastered on it.

the face on this one is from a charcoal drawing i did over the summer. i found a picture of a butterfly and made the canvas a little bigger...some playing around, and tada. i quite like it.

these last two, after much agonizing over what the hell i have to do to get my sketchbook ideas across in a finished piece, i decided to just stop worrying about the lines.
i realized that i was screwing myself over by freaking out how the lines should be.
and boy did it do me good HAHAHA. with just color, i focus more on form.
i hope that i can make peace with line soon, bc i don't want to just sketch in line and then have it like a totally separate thing from my idea thinking process.

Mar 4, 2011

learning how to use layer masks in photoshop. work in progress. gotta work on the legs. make them look like they can actually bend haha. but i think it'll look good in the end. obviously influenced by dali's temptation of st. anthony.

Mar 3, 2011

slowly learning how to be friends with photoshop

my teacher told my class today that everyone will have improved dramatically by the 6-7 week of class.
i sure hope so T___T
about these two pieces, he told me that they need to be stronger. they're supposed to represent unforgiving and grounded, but he said these two look like they're friends in high school. apparently the black one looks like the stereotypical angsty teenager HAHAhA.
i interpret that to mean that there needs to be more confidence in my decision.
why does everything come back to confidence.
i loved looking at other people's work, though. there were a couple great styles. wahh~