May 14, 2010

Recently I started practicing faces. Hard..but I feel like I kind of got the hang of it after a while. Lots more practicing to do. I hope I get to do a lot of figure drawing during the summer program. I heard that it's no less rigorous than the regular freshman experience, but I'm so excited. I'd much rather get 3 hours of sleep over trying to figure out a drawing or something than trying to finish history papers or math homework.

Very. excited.

Meanwhile, I have two days left at Boston College. Forever. I'm so grateful for the experience, but I can't say that it was a pleasure. The experience made me grow up fast. I think for myself now, and if my parents don't get me, that's okay. They're still my parents.

Anyways, I will be practicing a lot in my sketchbook soon, so I hope to scan and upload some things for feedback. Cheers!

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