Jan 24, 2011

more photo updates, soon.
there are several emails to potential internships sitting in my drafts folder in gmail.
i think i keep reverting back to college application frame of mind and the whole application process is freaking me out.
which is why i've been afraid to apply.
i need to get over myself HAHA.

my self portrait looks better than before, but for some reason, the lips are really obnoxious. i keep erasing and redrawing them.


  1. 3rd from the top is my fav. Love all the figure drawings, though! What class are you taking (I'm sure I've asked before but I forget)? Or have you just been going to open drawing?

    That is EXACTLY what I have been doing. Applications freak me out. I'm all like THE FUTURE HAPPENS? And I have to do something about it? Whimper.

  2. thanks! i'm taking a drawing class, yup.
    whimpering here, too T___T

  3. My heart skips a beat every time someone says the word "internships". Haha

  4. i love your self portrait and figure drawings. self portraits are the hardest for me cuz i have such a round face i might as well draw a tomato.lol

    don't worry you're not the only one freaking about internships.i'm voiding the thought of it now which will prob creep up to me later.meh lol