Feb 26, 2011

click bottom right hand corner to enlarge. the quality isn't terrible.

my assignment for digital foundations was to create a map of photoshop. i figured it was extremely open ended because an example of previous work was a song and puppet performance.. so i chose to do an animation HAHAHA.
it actually took me a while...a few hours every night since tuesday, and i spent like 7-8 hours on it today. for some reason, i sat in my desk chair for about 12 hours, and somehow my butt's ok.
i don't know, i guess i was in the mood. i'm really bad at multitasking, so if i choose to do one thing, i'm very thorough.
if i make changes to this, it'll be after monday, perhaps for work sample use. but i think this is fine for class.
i hear most people hand in crap for this assignment, anyway, bc the teacher doesn't really care HAHAHA.


  1. OH MY GAWD. That was effing adorable. I squee-ed out loud when he kicked the paint bucket.

    Also, I can really appreciate how much work went into this since I'm taking an animation course this semester...

    Lovely, lovely work with every aspect of this. The timing is spot-on and his little ears are SOOO cute.

  2. that was funny. :}

    i don't know how i end here!