Apr 8, 2011

i had posted a different version of this earlier, but i'm not sure if it was deleted or not, like i had meant to.
i deleted the other one because it was bad haha.
this one is really simple, but i didn't give the background much thought when i was making the girl, so i don't think she was meant to be put in a super complicated place.
slowly learning, i guess.


  1. Does she have a monster pal?

  2. in this "bussiness" ( :} ) nobody has a quick learning. i'm been in this since i was 4 and still consider myself an amateur boy. learn a new thing is an struggling constant. the only thing we can do is being honest about that. anyway, good job.

    (sorry for my poor english)

  3. @obvisu: mebbe...
    @richard: agreed (and i understood what you meant, haha, no worries about english). thanks.