May 21, 2011

the yellow fluffy thing with the camera is my final character drawing for character design class. i like it the best of the work i've done this semester....
i learned a lot from this class, and i think i improved, if only in attitude/approach. i hope i can improve much much more. lots to learn.
the blue thing is a redo of one i did earlier. all i did was change the feet and lighten the face a little, but i really like this thing. i want to pet it. HAHA.
part of the struggle was the idea of personal style, for me. but it's ok to learn from others first.
i need to study a lot this summer. i know that i have a particular "voice," but i have no "style," and sometimes i get stressed out about it because a lot of the people im surrounded by have incredible style.
practice, practice, practice. i never really thought that i would need to "practice" art, but it's just like anything else if you want to improve.
i should try using inks.


  1. I totally know what you mean. But we'll get there eventually, right?