Jun 20, 2011

i am not very good at background work....people say that the background should be an automatic part of the characters you draw, but i like drawing characters, then my brain clicks off and i'm not so sure where the characters are.
i think i like it without line better. grr.
sigh. moar practice. more practice, more results?
part of the problem is that i have little traditional practice. guess i need to use the watercolors/pastels. eep.


  1. is cool without the line! also seeks to vary your color palette a little more without losing the mood you are trying to generate. like trying to search more greens but without changing the hue. or putting warm spots in some areas.

    if you want to do watercolors, make always the effort to get good paper.

  2. more reds and oranges, i suppose.
    I WILL TRY haha. thanks.