Aug 3, 2011

i tried drawing a guy blowing bubbles, but i can't draw men without them looking mad awkward. and i have trouble enough with non-huge hands. so after a few tries, i thought it would be better drawing in my sketchbook, but it wasn't.
i need to observe more guys.
coughcoughcough. (kind of hard to do, considering how few there are at school, hahaha)
i drew myself chomping on edamame instead.
i wonder if i should start drawing myself as my proper age...20...instead of like...12 HAHA.


  1. yeah.. Ana, this is so cute! don't you ever grow up! Love it.

    Well at least you seem to have a normal brother and dad to practice on. Maybe drawing men is awkward because you need to focus on one type of male instead of jumbling different features together? I don't know. I still have trouble drawing people unless they look like muscle models from anatomy books - that's what my figure sculpting education mainly comprised of.

  2. maybe i should do that...try to draw people i know so i don't freak out and draw random parts HAHA.