Nov 12, 2011


sketchbooking, experimenting with ink, getting away from graphite pencil, because i've just been sticking to pencil and i think it has been limiting me. i'm planning on doing my drawing final project series with ink/ink brush. loves it. well, i haven't done too much with it before, but i really enjoy the fluidity. done with big brush and brush pen (pentel ink brush pen BEAUTIFUL tool). the last two doodle pages were done on Mylar and cut/paste in my sketchbook. i never used Mylar before...interesting. the ink doesn't dry though  T___T
the below image is a little doodle in my sketchbook. if you click on it you can see the whole thing, but it says "Saturday Afternoon, when i'm supposed to be doing work, I watch the emotional finale of a singing competition."


  1. I can never use ink, but I love the portraits in the last one! You should check out Roman Muradov's works, the style is very loose and inspiring.

  2. oo!! thanks for the link! i love it! yea, i'm trying to use ink to loosen me up. i think it gets me right to what is necessary, whereas with pencil all i think about is rendering.

  3. that portrait of you has the most adorable face to ever grace upon my eyeballs.


  4. that is a big honor, coming from you ahaha.