Dec 18, 2011

semester final projects

i could talk a lot about what the process was for each project, but there is a long story to both, so i'm just going to say that a lot of time and effort went into the making of each one, and i hope you enjoy them. the flash-animated one in particular was difficult process, even though the result ended up being a very short and simple piece.  i have put links to both here, which are on my vimeo page.

House Key (stop motion short)

When I Used Scissors (2D animation in Flash)

i have in my plans to re-export House Key and try to figure out how to make the color more vibrant...and i will be adding a teeny bit more animation to the ending of When I Used Scissors, at the suggestion of my classmates in final crit.
(some more "production" photos coming soon...i have to upload them to my laptop)

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