Feb 18, 2012


It has been 2 weeks since I last posted on this blog! Ack. Bad Ana. Once I went on break I sort of went into amoeba mode and reveled in doing absolutely nothing. I cannot tell you how literally I mean when I say I did "nothing." But that gets old fast, so I'm pumped (and terrified) that my spring semester of junior year is about to commence! Monday I begin with Character Animation studio! Hooray~

I have not doodled or sketched in a while. I deserve a smack in the head. Or two.

I have a few goals for spring semester, and I will share them here, because this blog is mostly a way of motivating myself to continue working and make it part of my regular lifestyle.
1. exercise. i need. to. exercise.
2. make the goal of every animation project to "have fun." once I get caught up in the technicalities and I start worrying about the outcome, my work gets screwed over. But I usually don't realize it until after the fact.
3. don't be afraid. my problem is that I hold myself back a lot.

Oh! I have also begun to apply to internships. We'll see how that goes. Very nervous.

For the people that read this little blog, thank you for encouraging me. One little comment literally makes my day and boosts my confidence, for whatever it's worth haha.

this guy, who you've seen a few times before, is a drawing I did for my new website!! WOOHOO. GO SEE~
so many thanks to Karl Li for whipping it up so quickly.

here's to a new semester! I hope everyone's 2012 has been good to them so far!


  1. character animation?? Ana I'm your TA~! *D*
    it's going to be awesomeee

    PS. your website looks fantastic ;o;