Apr 14, 2012

saturday inspiration

today i ran across two little puppet illustration studios. Rednose Studio, and Whale Fish Studios. beautiful, beautiful work. and they're helping me think about how to portray humans in an interesting way, because for some reason i get stuck when trying to design people. hung up on the fear of proportions, anatomy, etc. i just need to learn how to channel my interests/drawing tendencies.

Rednose Studio

Whale Fish Studios

so wonderful to look at. makes me want to sculpt something. i think next year for my senior film i can do people, too. or at least a more convincing human-animal hybrid.


  1. I think getting over the fear of human figure is to either draw or sculpt human figures whenever you can! I guess that way it will help you get more knowledge about human figure and shed the fear of proportion and anatomy! Love your puppets btw! :)

  2. ooohh wow these are lovely! There's definitely a sophomore who I know wants to enter Illustration who has a style similar to this. You might like her. I don't know her name though we were only acquaintances online, but maybe I'll contact her someday.

    I can really see this as something you'd create for the human figure :)