Aug 4, 2012

sketch dump

had a mini doodling breakthrough this week. i get caught up in expectations easily, and there are so many great artists who upload their gorgeous doodles/drawings/sketches that it's hard not to feel as if their styles are what i should be emulating.

plus, you know. heading into senior year of undergrad, who doesn't feel the pressure.

but the best results only come from really honest joy and exploration of art-making. my goal is not to be the next greatest animator, etc.etc. but the best artist i can be. so i honestly don't know what i want to be when i "grow up" after graduation. and i feel better about that than feeling pigeon-holed before i even get out there.

maybe in a year i will feel very differently.

if any professionals ever see this, thanks for posting your work. i look forward to your posts every day. thank goodness for blogger, hehe.


  1. ohhh I can see a bit of the kind of style you're aiming for in the future in these drawings. It's starting to crawl out you just gotta keep drawing and practicing! And yes, just keep drawing what you love to draw and you will definitely get the best results.