Apr 7, 2013

the last month

baked 3 pairs of sculpey eyelids for bertie today. i thought i had to abandon giving him eyelids, because i used wet sculpey before while shooting and it kept pulling/ripping the acrylic paint, since i had to sculpt a new eyelid shape every frame he was in mid-blink.

our senior critic mike johnson suggested i sculpt eyelids on a layer of saran wrap and carefully bake them. and told me to make sure i protect the paint with matte sprays the next time lol. it worked so great! bertie looks cute, doesn't he ^^ i'm really happy, because seeing a puppet blink on screen just makes a world of a difference.

although some of the best films i've seen, the faces don't move at all. so it's not necessary. but it will help me pull the film together, since there is sleeping/waking up. unfortunately, there will be a continuity problem, since the shots i've done have had no eyelids...

oh well ^^

not all hope is lost, i think. i don't think i mentioned on this blog, but almost 3 weeks ago, i restarted my film, after developing my original idea for 7 months.
so, my graduation film will not be what i had envisioned, and it is now a one-month film, but i just have to do my best to make this little one as best as i can. not exactly sure what went wrong, but i think i tried too hard.
trying not to let my laziness get the best of me.
final cut due on april 16, and complete film due by may 1.

good luck to all you other seniors!


  1. lets do our best Ana and best of luck to you~

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    1. thank you!!

      you probably don't remember, but last summer i tagged along with you and kelly on your way to lunch while you were visiting screen novelties!

      i bought the paranorman book :)