Mar 23, 2011

this week's assignment was to create two characters: one must be unappealing but with warm colors, the other appealing but with cool colors. some sketches for brainstorming, and then the last two are what i'm putting up for crit tomorrow.
the one below is what usually goes in my sketchbook...that no one sees hahaha. i like long necks, i discovered in painting last year.

hm. i have been told to work on the wings. guess they look too happy.

after like 3 more tries, and some feedback from mi amigos, this is what i ended up with. i have no idea what i think about it anymore. ive been seeing orange for too long. we'll see how it goes tomorrow. i feel like it's a technical mess, but at this point, as long as it gets the point across....yikes.
maybe it's bc i dont have a good relationship with the color orange. it makes me feel uncomfortable. HAHAHA.

next day~
he said to shorten the neck and legs on the blue one, and to be careful with teeth and placement.
he didnt really like the orange thing because it's too much like a thing made of separate parts, instead of a thing with its own parts, hahaha.
we learned about Eiko today, who basically can do everything, and though she's old, she's still going strong, and is still amazing.
she does sculptures, costume design for film, theater, shows, graphic design, set design, she designed the rockets' jerseys and some other basketball team, she makes books by hand, she does amazing photography, cirque du soleil, some fashion things, blahblahblah.
basically she's what every artist aspires to be.

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