Mar 9, 2011

these first three images are my photoshopped images for digital foundations homework.

this one i found three photos of elephants on google and put them on a random photo. some photoshopping, and tada.

this lion has reese witherspoon's facial features plastered on it.

the face on this one is from a charcoal drawing i did over the summer. i found a picture of a butterfly and made the canvas a little bigger...some playing around, and tada. i quite like it.

these last two, after much agonizing over what the hell i have to do to get my sketchbook ideas across in a finished piece, i decided to just stop worrying about the lines.
i realized that i was screwing myself over by freaking out how the lines should be.
and boy did it do me good HAHAHA. with just color, i focus more on form.
i hope that i can make peace with line soon, bc i don't want to just sketch in line and then have it like a totally separate thing from my idea thinking process.

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