Jul 12, 2011

okiedokie! so here it is...a post about the work i've been doing for my children's book illustration class. 2 completed assignments, and i'm starting a collage double spread due next week.

the one below was my first one. thanks bill watterson for helping me do the trees. bow down to calvin and hobbes. the only thing i ended up liking about my hwk is the branches -___- but it was my first large watercolor thingy, and....i shall learn from it and move along. (the assignment was to do a double page spread incorporating 2 different poems)
the next one had to be a "square up" (basically have some page border) of a very short folk tale. mine was called "fox and the crow"...apparently a middle eastern story. hence the sandy mountains and date palm. and the cute ruppell's fox! i struggled with the shadows a lot. eep. oh, also had to be in watercolor.

the stuff below are just things i played with during class today. i didnt want to start working on the final work in class because i wasn't sure how i wanted to complete it. (COLLAGE WOOHOO). next assignment is to do a double page spread of a scene from a 12 page children's storybook. the one i got is about a girl and her shadow...so the final piece will from one of the scenes in the little storyboard i set up.
(she shall have red suspenders and little blue shorts! ^^)

for some reason i glued the little scraps on a ripped-off handle from a Whole Foods bag. they're pretty small so i guess i just wanted to keep them all together.
oh pastels <3
obviously i'm a little conflicted on deciding the style, but it was fun to just paste and put down color.
advice on the watercolor pieces, please?


  1. !!! These all look beautiful!

  2. ee! thank you!...i'm really excited about the new homework.

  3. hehe these all look so much fun! :)

  4. I really like how painted the mottled sunlight through the branches on the boy for the first illustration!

    The assignment with the borders reminded me of this really wonderful book on Irish mythology that I've read when I was in middle school, too bad I don't remember the name of the book, I'd like to see it again myself!