Jul 26, 2011

and heer iz sum moar hoamwerk. mm, first one is 11x8.5 in, and the small spot illustrations each fit in a 4x6 box. my teacher told me that the girl's face is real iffy, HAHA, truth. and i should make the stuffed animals in the background more background-y so the dragon's face doesn't get lost.
pastels! slowly learning how to use them. i wish i could see someone really comfortable with them in action. i could use some help, huhu. though i've been learning that there is no right or wrong, in terms of materials use. there is only good or bad result hahaha, because if it comes out well, who cares? not i~

the dragon is supposed to be going back into the book. doesn't come across very well, does it? in my defense, it was the last thing i did as quickly as possible because it was about 6am and i really wanted to sleep a bit before class.
of course the fuss ended up being all for nought because i missed the alarm and slept through class.
it was a wonderful sleep. hehe.
i looked at the "art of monsters., inc." for pastel help. beautiful visdev stuff...ah.
perhaps i shall be friends with pastels, soon.


  1. I love how the flashlight and the moonlight looks on the dragon! Maybe try a more dramatic perspective for the dragon going in the book?

  2. thanks! yea...needs to be reworked. i think after this class is over, ill try the silhouette thing again.

  3. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I like your work! I recognize your struggle with materials, I find pastels very difficult, so good job!