Oct 23, 2011

getting somewhere

character sketches for my first big animation project! granted, it'll only be about 1-3 minutes, but still exciting!
at first i was going to do something serious and about self-realization
but then i thought if i'm going to be working on this everyday for 6 weeks, i might as well enjoy myself
so my animation is going to be about a group of kids and a group of monsters (2 of my favorite things to draw) who are down to the last hit of "rock paper scissors" game.
feedback, if you please? i find character design really difficult, so any comment would be much appreciated. (my friend told me that the 2 monsters on the left don't really match, and i think i agree)


  1. Is each monster supposed to have a parallel kid?

  2. oh, no parallel kid, but they all have to look good together, obviously.

  3. so cute!
    and yeah, maybe it's because the other 3 on the right are kind of furry, maybe add some of that similarity towards the other 2? It might work

    ha, you and me both, it's our first junior project might as well make it fun :)