Oct 18, 2011

puppet test

(there is a better quality video on my vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/30776648 )
i admit i rushed through this animation test, because it was close to 1am, and i still have a lot of things to finish before i leave for class at 8:40am, so it's rough.
but it's my first puppet made from scratch, ever!! his name is tim, and he is part of the underworld, though he's not evil at all. he tries.

his face is inspired by a skull mask i saw at the british museum last year from 15th century (i think) mexico.
yep i did the armature, sculpey, wire, propoxy, latex, acrylic, foam, ....it was a bigbig learning experience.
actually, having to build the thing helped me understand character design a little more.


  1. cute!
    I think I'll try Stopmotion next semester seems like a lot of fun :)

  2. so cool!:O the movement of the puppet is just amazing!i read you rushed it, but the start of his movement was just so smooth- tim seems to be built really well! lovely this!!