Mar 17, 2012

doodle post

pieces from my sketchbook. i'm trying to find a way to draw people that makes me excited to draw them HAHA. still struggling, but less apprehensive than before. i need to haul myself to open model sessions on saturdays. need moar practice. i suppose i'll always need to, until i can't hold a pencil anymore.

the monster holding a bottle below is middle-aged, and is an alcoholic. i'm doing my next character animation homework with him. the topic is weight, i think. i quite like him. he's easy to draw, too. just 2 circles, little feet and squishy arms.

i have always been self conscious about personal artistic style, because i never really had one. but i've been more actively noticing my tendencies, and i've been trying to take advantage of what i gravitate to. and i think it's important to keep the integrity of your intentions, but also not be afraid to learn and borrow from the "masters."

that is what all master artists do, anyway. learn from the best.

i wonder why i prefer drawing fuzzies and monsters than people. maybe because i feel as though monsters cannot be "wrong."

basically we should not forget that we do art because we just enjoy it. no stress.