Mar 19, 2012


i have been working on animating a drunkard monster. right now he is "undressed," no fur or anything, because i am trying very hard to get the basic movements down.
it's gone through a few revisions, and a few more are in order.
my friends suggested a little more bounce when he takes a swig, and another pointed out i need to be careful of form consistency at the end (he seems to be bigger than he is at the beginning).
but i like this character very much, and i'm going to stick it out. (his sketch is actually one of the doodles i posted)
my plan is to animate him slumping over and throwing the bottle off screen, then the bottle will come flying back to hit him on the head.

if you have any feedback, please comment! tomorrow i have to fix him up some more in hopes of showing this work in progress with my reel at my department's portfolio review day.

i actually do like handdrawn and stopmotion just the same, it's just that handdrawn requires more............mental tenacity hahaha. for me it is constant revision, and remembering to be a drama queen, which is hard, as i am a quiet person (usually). i find the stopmotion process easier to embrace and feel motivated, maybe it's a more natural process for me. though it's true, there's nothing quite like the end satisfaction of good 2D acting.

not sure if i'll have time before it's due for class, but i want to color him by hand with blue pastel. you'd be able to see the path of his motion through color! something about coloring via computers renders the animation just a little more sterile.

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