May 22, 2012


i made this poster design for our junior show! maybe because people in animation don't often show their work in public spaces like other artists, but seeing the posters hung up around campus gave me a really fuzzy feeling. not that i haven't made posters before, but this one is special.
i drew the characters on tracing paper and inked by hand. scanned them into photoshop and finished it all off.
in our department, your work isn't screened on the BIG screen until end of junior year, so this is the first time i'll be seeing my work on the big the big screen! i can't believe it's finished, but it is!
and i hope to be able to share it with everyone, soon. (i suspect i will have to hold off on public links until my festival submissions are over).
frankly, i don't expect to get anything, but i feel like since i've worked so hard, and i have the time, i should just try. we'll see how it goes!
spring semester, finally over. now there is senior year to look forward to.


i can't wait to start doodling everything with a clear mind.

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  1. I love this poster. Mainly because of the fact we're represented as the tiny silly one