Jun 1, 2012

summer, here we go!

i'm going to LA area next week!
say what???
very excited and very terrified. never lived on west coast before. i won't have a car, so i'm not sure how i'll do. HA. not that i'm used to driving.
but i think this will be a good experience for me.
i'll be interning at Screen Novelties twice a week! woohoo! ana landed real internship, somehow!

it's a goal of mine to become comfortable with drawing people, men in particular. i've always struggled with it, and so i've avoided it. but i know the only way around it is to recognize there is no way around it. so, i'm going to just. go for it.
can't be good until i'm over being very bad, no? haha.

and also to doodle often. i realized that i'm not quite sure what it is i'm especially good at, and i think that's okay, as long as i keep at it.

today's doodle done elegantly with finger and trackpad. 

wish me luck!

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