Jun 4, 2012

first sketches/doodles from california

i'm here!! california! staying at a hotel for a day with my wonderful momma, then moving into the apartment tomorrow. very exciting. i start my internship at Screen Novelties on Wednesday! woohoo! i only hear good things about the internship experience there, so i'm very glad.

i did the first two doodles on the plane, just trying to get the fuzzies from my brain out. i'm not as used to doodling for fun as i'd like to admit. the last one is some attempts at people-watching while waiting around at the car rental place. as you can see. very rusty, lol.
(photos are rough because i just had to use my iphone to get the shots haha. but i kind of like it this way because it keeps me moving)

hopefully my people-drawing will get better. i also need a good pen for sketching...hms!

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