Jul 10, 2012


today i listened to frank ocean's new song "bad religion" and i thought it was wonderful

the song starts off with
"taxi driver, would you be my shrink for the hour. leave the meter running. it's rush hour, so take the streets if you wanna. just outrun the demons, could ya."

i guess it deals with his sexuality and religion.
but it might mean something different to each person.

the album is "channel orange," and it feels new and old at the same time. the good kind of old, like soul. the artist is only 24! i think he produced most of it?

so today for some reason i felt like i could paint something, hahaha.
i actually started with deep blue background

sometimes i'm disappointed in my generation, though a lot of things are out of our responsibility

but sometimes i'm really happy to be part of our generation

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