Jul 7, 2012

sketchdump, Le Faune Gabriel, and Xmen

first i have to say that i've been looking at this wonderful book over and over. i bought it at gallery nucleus a couple weeks ago, and i hesitated because it was a little pricey, but i just bought it.
and it was totally worth it.
you can see on the cover, but created by dimitri vey and man arenas.
man arenas did the beautiful artwork. it's watercolor. GABRIEL THE FAUN IS SO STINKIN CUTE.
i think it's only available in french and spanish for now? not sure...my copy is in french. the writing is wonderful, too.

and here are some doodles. i got upset with drawing people again, so i just kind of forced my way through, and used some ink to make myself feel better, hehe. sorry for bad quality, no scanner access.

next time i will have some doodles about senior film ideas...really wishing i had watercolors with me. but i'm not sure if i should order a nice set or not? i don't have nice ones at school, but i do have a bunch of crap-quality ones.
nerr. i suppose i can make do with the few colored pencils i bought at barnes and noble.

fun fact. i watched the 2008 Wolverine and the Xmen animated series this week. i didn't know there was a series after the 2001 series! i think it was one of Marvel's first self-produced things?
still obsessed with sci fi/fantasy shtuff.

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