Jan 8, 2013

new reels

small update on my anajkim.com website: for convenience purposes, i had to change my website a little...not quite as pretty as it was before, but now that it's through blogger, i can make any quick changes as i see fit, when i see fit.

but, the good news is that i have two new reels! woo~ they are on my site, but i've put them here, too.
one for stop motion, and one for 2D.

the 2D is not amazing... but i enjoyed making each of the pieces, so...hopefully other people can enjoy watching. i found last year that animating 2D for time periods longer than 4 hours a day reallyreally sucks the fun out of it for me. but i enjoyed doing the animation-a-day exercises a lot. you stop analyzing everything and the less sense it makes the more enjoyable it is, haha.

would appreciate any feedback!

Spring 2013 Stop Motion Reel from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

Spring 2013 2D Reel from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

also, two photos from studio today. i FINALLY got around to going full steam on my film, and i made a new armature drawing. i couldn't figure out why the large sketches were so ugly compared to the small ones, and i did some quick offhand measuring, and the proportions were totally off. i think the new drawings make a lot more visual sense.
Bertie is now about an inch taller than previously.


  1. you. y-you animation BEAST of a person!>:///O these are some sick animations! <3 <3 i'm especially weak for stop animation but your 2D was killer too - love the part at 01:22 and watched it a couple of times hhaha ^^ and yeah. words are not enough to express my feelings of admiration towards your stop animation works -- thank you for sharing your work with us! <3

    1. thanks so much for your lovely comments <3