Jan 11, 2013


i think the guest lecturer really scared me today. he was really great, but amped up my already-high anxiety levels about post-graduation to like...level 500. especially because he was really knowledgeable about the stop motion industry/community.
and i've been thinking recently about how i've always wanted to do what i want to do, because now, i can. and the greatest freedom is to make your own work.
i guess it becomes a tricky balance of needs/wants/stubbornness/ambition. how far you're willing to compromise comfort for the sake of keeping your soul happy.

anyways, before i get any more emo (LOL), i couldn't sleep, so i drew this. emo thing. pardon my brain, lol.

on a happier note, my senior film is coming along really well! i've been trying really hard to be honest with myself, and i think it's paying off.


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  1. Oh Ana D': I think the best thing to do is what Steve said; work on our DP. Maybe its best not to worry about what lies outside of the RISD bubble until it pops...