Jun 2, 2013

I graduated!

I graduated!
my school has a fun tradition of decorating/altering the cap+gowns for graduation, so the night before commencement, I put a little bird on top of my cap with computer paper, hot glue gun, and one Q-tip in the bathroom of a hotel room whilst my family snored in the room outside HAHA.

there's a lot I could say about my time at RISD, but it was probably the best three years of my life, and I'm so happy and blessed to have been able to go. I miss my classmates so much already. We basically lived together in studio, every day of the week, morning til night (coughcough...more like late afternoon til the next morning HAHA), ate together, pulled a million allnighters together. laughed together, got mad together. 

It feels weird to be back in my hometown knowing I won't be going back to school, and it might be some time before I can see anyone from school again, but this is where I say THANK GOD FOR FACEBOOK.

Never really thought I'd be "one of those," but yep, I have absolutely no idea what to do next, lol.

I'm quite good at rambling, so I'll cut it relatively short. Frankly speaking, I'm terrified of what I'm "supposed to do" now that I've finished college. I love animation, but I also love many other ways of creating art, and I guess now it's up to me to decide to what extent I want to devote my time+energy to making stuff. Because that's what art is....just making stuff, because you just have to do it. It's really not complicated, lol. 

But this is also the exciting part, too...where I am thrown into the unknown, and unceremoniously confronted with my insecurities. So congrats to all graduates, and let's do our best to keep making stuff. 

Here are some old little iPhone+Tumblr things, in the meantime. (Also, I'm hoping to upload my film online in the next couple months!)

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