Jun 26, 2013

photos and doodles

I've been in Brooklyn for the past week and a half, and I have one week left on my brief stay. I grew up in the suburbs, so the city feels so big. Have been really enjoying it all.

my lovely RISD friends ^^

the lovely moon

I'd like to make a little model of this little guy. I've found some scraps of fabric from when my roommate and I went wandering around the area....deep red, deep orange, and mustard yellow :)

aaannddd I recently was told how I can make models in a super cheap and easy fashion without sacrificing too much detail, so I started making a fat little horse this evening, lol. Newspaper and tape. I'm going to buy some paper tape and do the detailed layer in the next few days. see how it goes....

it's kind of fun! I can take away from the shape easily with just a simple exacto blade. clunky sculpting.

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